How dangerous is the new virus, when did it come and where? Learn the answers to every question related to the new strain of Corona



The new strain of Coronavirus found in Britain has brought the whole world into a panic. Seeing the horrors of this type of coronavirus, more than 40 countries around the world have isolated themselves from Britain. Countries in Europe, including India, have canceled all flights to and from Britain and sealed the borders. In India too, the movement regarding this virus has intensified. So let us know the new strain of Coronavirus found in Britain is causing an outbreak in the world, when it came and how dangerous it is?

Question 1. When did the new virus appear?

The new form of the coronavirus was revealed three months ago in a sample taken from the Kent area of ​​London between 20 and 21 September. This genome of the virus was named B.1.1.7. Several forms of coronavirus have emerged, of which three are important and all three have been identified.

Question 2. How was the new form identified?

The new form of the virus was identified in normal RT-PCR tests. Techpath's test kit is being used extensively in the UK for RT-PCR tests. Examination with this kit usually reveals three genes of the corona, but in recent times such cases have started to grow, in which only two genes were revealed. It was discovered that the new form of the virus concealed a gene. Meanwhile, there was a sudden spurt in matters. It was then confirmed that this was happening due to the new virus. India has also approved the use of this test kit.

Question 3. Why does the virus change form?

Partial changes occur over time in the genetic elements of any virus. This is a natural process. In this way, the virus finds ways to enter human cells more easily. Since the Coronavirus found in Wuhan, the Covid-19 virus has mutated at least 25 times so far.

Question 4. Is the new virus more deadly?

Professor Alan McNally of the University of Birmingham said that we know that this is a new type of virus. We know nothing about it biologically. It is too early to speculate about its impact. However, Britain has officially declared the virus to be 70 percent faster.

Question 5. Have there been cases of this virus in Kerala?

A local media report quoted Kerala health department officials as saying that since the virus has been active in the UK since September and thousands of foreign travelers have arrived in Kerala during this period, there is a high possibility that new virus cases be present in the state. Only then the correct information will be known about it when the complete genome study of all samples is done here on the instructions of the Ministry of Health or ICMR.

Question 6. Where else is it spreading beyond the UK?

Italy and France have confirmed cases of infection related to the British Coronavirus. In addition, the virus is believed to be the cause of the second wave of infection in South Africa. At the same time, US officials have expressed apprehension that the number of cases has increased rapidly due to a new virus in the country.

Question 7. Has this virus become uncontrollable?

The World Health Organization's Emergency Chief Michael Ryan says the new form of coronavirus found in Britain is not uncontrollable. During the pandemic period, even more, frightening conditions have been observed, which we have overcome. Do not take the situation in Britain as uncontrollable. It must be taken very seriously.

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