Exclusive: Homeopathy drugs to be trialed on Corona patients

Exclusive: Homeopathy drugs to be trialed on Corona patients

Homeopathy drugs

Homeopathy drugs may be tried on corona patients of Jharkhand. The Homeopathy Clinical Research Unit at Ranchi, Government of India has sought its permission. Four research proposals have been submitted to the state Health Department. The Ranchi-based Homeopathy Clinical Research Unit is part of the Central Council of Research for Homeopathy, the regulatory body of the central government. Which test and certify homeopathy medicine for diagnosis of a particular disease.

The Homeopathy Clinical Research Unit has proposed to try the drugs separately on quarantine, suspected, infected, and critical patients. Under this, homeopathy medicines along with allopathy drugs will be tested on critical and infected patients. The randomized control trial method will test its effect. By dividing the patients into three groups, eating homeopathy medicine, giving homeopathy medicine, giving the pill of normal substance, and without giving medicine, the effect on the groups will be tested separately. A new structure in their throat, lungs, or trachea will also be studied through X-rays. Brania, camphor, and Arsenicum will be tested repeatedly using different amounts of drugs called album-30. Through this, an effective diagnosis will be implemented in its entirety. The infallible solution of Corona by combining two medicines systems would also be a great success.

Only homeopathy pills will be given to suspected patients

The research proposal is also included in the state to try preventive measures for those who come in contact with the infected due to 80% of patients without symptoms. Under this, people exposed to infected will be given only homeopathy medicine after an X-ray or second examination. They will be examined again after feeding them for a week. Differences in the results of both times will be studied. Those quarantined will also be tested in a similar way. The ability of the drug as an anti-corona agent will be tried.

Diagnosis will be certified in two months

The Homeopathy Clinical Research Unit has sought two months' time from the state government. In the meantime, the drugs will be tried at different locations on communities with different genetic properties. Institutions such as RIMS will need to work closely with doctors there for testing on infected or critical patients. This has to be substantiated by showing test results on randomly selected samples.

We have submitted separate proposals for research related to the diagnosis of the corona to the state government. We will start the process of drug testing as soon as we get permission. -Dr. Sunil Prasad, Officer Incharge, Homeopathy Clinical Research Unit, Ranchi

A research proposal has been submitted by the Homeopathy Clinical Research Unit of the Government of India to test drugs on corona patients. It has been sent for the consideration of the Secretary of Health. -Dr. Srichand Prasad, Director of Ayush

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